Who’s Listed?

For a while now, Matt McIntosh’s OrganicLinks (www.organiclinks.net) – now administered by the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry and Jared Shaw’s ChemBioLinks (www.chembiolinks.net) united members of the synthetic organic and bioorganic communities, respectively, at Ph.D.-granting colleges and universities.  When I was recently invited to speak at an ACS Division of Organic Chemistry symposium for undergraduate research mentors, I realized that such an online network did not yet exist for faculty whose scholarly work predominantly involves undergraduate students.  Namely, those who work at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions (PUIs).  Although the site now only lists faculty research groups, it will grow to include tools, information, and features based upon user feedback.  Specifically, it is my sincere hope that this network will be used by students and faculty to establish collaborations, organize meetings, for selecting true peers as reviewers of grant proposals and manuscripts, and will have yet unforeseen benefits.

This site intends to include research groups that pursue experimental organic chemistry research, broadly defined, as a significant part of their program, but whose focus is not solely pedagogical. Thus, faculty involved in organic-focused synthesis, reaction development, medicinal, materials, polymer, organometallic, and natural products chemistry are listed.  Investigators who are tenure-track or tenured and hold the rank of assistant, associate, or full (but not emeritus) professor, and who are not currently serving as an administrator, will be included.  Faculty will be added if they are actively publishing, which I defined as having at least one experimental research paper published within the last 5-10 years.   Currently, the site will be limited to the fifty United States. This site is meant to resemble the original sites set up by Matt McIntosh and Jared Shaw, except that most researchers listed on those sites will not be listed here.  

In order to keep the database to a manageable size (between 500-1000 groups), I have included only faculty whose department offers a major leading to a B.A., B.S. and/or M.S. degree in chemistry.  If an institution awards Ph.D.s, but does not offer a Ph.D. in chemistry, those faculty were included, as were researchers in chemistry departments who offer a Ph.D. degree in a non-chemistry field, such as environmental or biomedical science, but not in experimental chemistry.

I apologize for any oversights, and request that you e-mail me your URL if your research group meets the above criteria.  Please do not hesitate to send me an update if you are a new PUI faculty member at a member institution, change institutions, retire, if your URL changes, or if you no longer wish to be listed

Created, maintained, and copyrighted by Stephen Chamberland, Utah Valley University, updated 1-13-2020.